Newmarket Skatepark
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The Town of Newmarket has announced that plans 

are in the works for a 20,000 Sq Ft Skate Park.

Site selection and design are next!!!!


What it's all about!


The Newmarket Skatepark Community Association (NSCA) was established by a group of community members who want to be advocates for skateboarding and wheeled sports in our town.  Our initial goal is to see an amazing outdoor skatepark built in Newmarket

The Future

Our long range goal is to work with the Town, the community and all stakeholders to have a much needed Skatepark Network set up and active in Newmarket.

You Can Help

Join the Assocation.  Get on a Mailing List. Complete a survey.  Come to the Town Meetings. Have your voices heard.

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If you would like to get involved in the Association or have a question send us an email or if you would like to be kept updated on what we're doing, upcoming events or Town planned meetings join the mailing list.

Newmarket Skatepark Community Association